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Archive | Quantum of Solas

A weekly podcast where David Robertson and Al Smith look at news and events from a Christian perspective.

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Quantum 115

#MeetTheNativity, Brexit and Transgender | Quantum 115

1.  #MeetTheNativity  |  SpeakLife on Facebook 2. Brexit 3. Transgender 4. Indoctrination of Children Sunday Times – Gather round, class. Thomas the teddy wants to be a girl – LED 19 ….Transmania continues 5. Robotics 6. Solas website and Solas Magazine   MUSIC Infiltration-Fear of Machines Mix by DJ Psyonik Fantasy (c) copyright 2010 Licensed […]

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Quantum - 109

Quantum 109 – Islamist Extremism & Atheist Fundamentalism

Spiked!It’s official:  It’s official. You’re not allowed to say ‘Islamist extremism’ – PM statement following London terror attack: 4 June 2017 Spectator Coffee House Blogs – Labour’s abortion stance is the final straw The Christian Institute –  Farmer banned from market for supporting traditional marriage The Spectator – Do Penises cause climate change? Discuss.

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Quantum - 108

Quantum 108 – Fake News Crocodiles, Blasphemy and a Brace of Presidents.

Zimbabwean Pastor eaten by Crocodile Ian Brady’s Humanist funeral request Stephen Fry and Blasphemy President Macron of France Will President Trump be impeached? Hillary Clinton: Abortion is ‘right and moral’ Obama’s £2.5 mil speech Jakarta’s Christian governor found guilty of blasphemy Transgender Police Caps The Rubbish Party LINKS HeraldScotland – Fake news story takes hold […]

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Quantum - 106

Quantum 106 – The World is going nuts. Happy Easter.

The Copt Massacre – An extraordinary response. – A message to those who kill us (Fr. Boules George) Syrian Bombing   African migrants sold in Libya ‘slave markets’ IOM – The UN Migration Agency – IOM Learns of ‘Slave Market’ Conditions Endangering Migrants in North Africa   Sex for Rent BBC – Landlord adverts posted online ‘target […]

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