Cairngorms Convention 2024

Here you’ll find the PDF slide decks for the four talks given by Andy Bannister and Steve Osmond at the Cairngorms Convention in June 2024. There are also a number of links to additional resources based on some of the issues raised during the Q&A.

Q&A Resources

1What about those who have never heard the gospel?Short Answers video –
3The failures of the churchShort Answers video – Given the legacy of the Church why should I take Christianity seriously?
4Us in Christ, Christ in Us? What  do these things mean?Book: Union with Christ by Rankin Wilbourne
5How can we know where and how to serve?Book: The Call by Os Guiness
6Paul’s greetings in the name of the father and Son only, why? Was he not fully Trinitarian?Article:
7How to talk about Church without it sounding like a club?Launch Pad 11: Change Perceptions One Drop At  A Time.
8Friends who are very happy and satisfied. Webinar: Evangelism to the Apathetic with Michael Ots
9Resources for the Old Testament violence question …Book: Is God a Moral Monster? by Paul Copan
10Tips for detecting the hidden assumptions behind a question …Talk: Sharing Faith Without Looking Like An Idiot by Andy Bannister –
11When should i say something and when should I keep quiet? (Context of a friend at work who has been widowed at 37 with two young daughters).Solas Conference Session on God and Suffering. Gavin Matthews
12Most challenging question you’ve ever been asked? – and how’d you answer?Suffering Question: Webinar, “Where Is God In All The Suffering?”
13.Evangelism for introvertsMind the Gap Article:
PEP Talk with Mark Mittelberg :
14.Different ways for different people to share the gospel