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Reclaiming Reason – book

Reclaiming Reason by Richard Gamble carries the very appropriate subtitle Believers Think – Thinkers Believe.  It is a concise and useful book that tackles five arguments for the existence of God along with five very common objections.  Richard hails from Glasgow and has links with Solas CPC through the Solas Connect training course.  He also …

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Outreach with a frothy moustache?

This review originally printed in the Evangelicals Now newspaper – September 2013 (see http://www.e-n.org.uk/) QUENCH Café culture evangelism By David Robertson SOLAS – Centre for Public Christianity 73 pages. This little book comes from SOLAS, the Centre for Public Christianity in Dundee (www.solas-cpc.org). The aim of its author, David Robertson, who is the director of the …

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