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Unbelievable? – Is a secular society a more tolerant one?

Unbelievable? Is a secular society a more tolerant one? Saturday 18th June 2011 This week we air a debate that recently took place on whether Britain’s increasingly secular society is thereby a more tolerant one. Does secularisation bring a level playing field for everyone, or are Christians now being marginalised for their beliefs? David Robertson …

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Unbelievable? – Unbelievable? the Conference

Unbelievable? Unbelievable? the Conference Saturday 11th June 2011 Justin introduces two elements of the conference. Professor John Lennox, Scientist and Christian apologist gave the opening address “What are we apologising for?” We also hear a round table discussion with audience Q&A that took place between Conference speakers David Robertson, David Instone-Brewer, Jay Smith and Mark …

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Unbelievable? – Grill a Christian Round 3

Unbelievable? Grill a Christian Round 3 Saturday 5th March 2011 The National Secular Society recently raised concerns that Christian groups were infiltrating RE lessons in order to evangelise at schools. Although their report was dismissed by the Department for Education, President Terry Sanderson explains why their concerns were raised after they received dozens of complaints …

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Unbelievable? – Grill a Christian, Round 2

Unbelievable? David Robertson answers skeptics questions Saturday 4th December 2010 David Robertson is a Scottish church pastor and author of “The Dawkins Letters”. He recently hosted the first Conference of the newly established Solas Centre for Public Christianity. As a key respondent to Dawkins he has earned himself the nickname “The Wee Flea”. He takes questions …

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Unbelievable? Faith in Britain – Andrew Copson of the BHA vs David Robertson

Faith in Britain Andrew Copson vs David Robertson Saturday 27th Feb 2010 A year ago the British Humanist Association launched the “Atheist Bus Campaign” declaring “There is probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life”. Would we enjoy life and be less worried without belief in God in modern Britain? Where do humanist values …

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Unbelievable? – "Is Christianity good for us?" Michael Shermer vs. David Robertson

“Is Christianity good for us?” Michael Shermer vs. David Robertson Saturday 20th February 2010 Are societies better off with the influence of Christianity? Are Christians more caring than atheists? What role should faith play in society? Just some of the questions explored by atheist Michael Shermer and Christian David Robertson. Michael Shermer is president of the …

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