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Unbelievable? The Foundations of Human Rights

Justin Brierley hosts a public dialogue between Christian Andy Bannister and atheist humanist Justin Trottier, live on stage at the Apologetics Canada conference in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

In front of an audience of 1,400 they debate whether Christianity or naturalism provides a better foundation for the concept of universal human rights, followed by questions from the floor.

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In The Market 7-2-18 | David Robertson

How Would You Answer?

A new study revealed that GEN Z represents the fastest growing segment of atheists in our country.  This offers both a challenge and an opportunity to the Church.  How would you answer the questions of those who think that Christianity has been found wanting? Could you engage with an atheist and know what they believe and why they believe it? Join us as we speak with David Robertson to learn how to better “contend for the faith.”

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Why am I not an atheist? | David Robertson

David Robertson was a guest on the “Bigger Questions” podcast hosted by the City Bible Forum (Australia).

In Why I am not a Christian influential philosopher Bertrand Russell asked the big questions of the existence of God and immortality. Russell’s conclusion: atheism – there was no god.

David Robertson (Scottish author, debater, and pastor) was tempted by atheism and considered it an attractive option. But he is not persuaded by Russell. Instead he is a Christian and in this Bigger Questions discussion we’ll hear why.

Who made God? Will atheism bring freedom? What about pain and suffering?

We’ll ask David Robertson these and more bigger questions.

This episode was recorded before a live audience in Melbourne’s CBD in June 2017.

Unbelievable? Why Can’t Mike Believe? David Robertson & Mike Rand


Unbelievable? Why Can’t Mike Believe?

David Robertson & Mike Rand

Saturday 14th May 2016 – 02:30 pm

Mike Rand is an agnostic who has been listening to Unbelievable? for several years. He is attracted to aspects of the Christian faith but has certain intellectual objections which he hasn’t found satisfactory answers to yet.

He engages with David Robertson of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity in a good humoured and wide ranging discussion on Mike’s questions and what it would take for Mike to believe.

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Moody Radio: In the Market with Janet Parshall | May 12, 2016

David Robertson was a guest of Janet Parshall’s radio show. You can listen to the discussion here.

Janet Parshall

May 12, 2016

Hour 1- The European Union

Should Britain leave the European Union? Would it make it harder to deal with terrorism if Britain left? These are the questions some are asking in light of recent events. We will discuss it with a pastor, call in with your thoughts! Guest: David Robertson

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Moody Radio: In the Market with Janet Parshall | April 12, 2016

David Robertson was a guest of Janet Parshall’s last night to discuss the recent LBGTI+ hustings for party leaders and the drive within Scottish politics to advance the LBGTI+ agenda.


You can listen to the discussion here.

Janet Parshall

April 12, 2016

Hour 1 – Made In His Image

The Scottish government has plans to introduce a third gender. One pastor says this is another instance of humans seeking to remake themselves without the image of God in mind. Call in with your questions today.

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The Scotsman: Comment: LGBTI discussion more like a rally than a debate…/comment-lgbti-discussion-more…

Solas Magazine

That Glynn Harrison article – The Long Shadow: The sexual revolution and society’s descent into darkness

In the Market with Janet Parshall | February 10, 2016

Hour 1- The Wee Flea

Today’s guest was banned from Richard Dawkins’ website and called “a flea living off a dogs back” for attempting to have intelligent interactions with the ideas posted on the site. We will talk with this Scottish pastor who loves to engage the ideas floating around in the marketplace with the truth found in Scripture.LISTEN TO HOUR 1

Hour 2- The Race for Oval Office

New Hampshire voters went to the polls yesterday and the results are very intriguing. Janet and her husband, Craig, offer their insights on the voting outcome. Call in and share your thoughts!LISTEN TO HOUR 2

Janet Parshall