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David Robertson Debates

David has been involved in a number of debates recently that have varied widely in character, giving an interesting overview of the different arguments, philosophies, temperaments and reactions encountered in the Atheist-Christian interaction today.  We hope that these will give you a flavour for the work that David does, the challenges facing our worldviews today and the great opportunities there are for sharing the gospel in a number of different settings.

David’s encounter on Premier Radio’s “Unbelievable?” programme with Matt Dillahunty from the Atheist Experience received a huge reaction, much of which was highly critical.  You can listen the debates here: http://www.premier.org.uk/unbelievable

While in the USA recently, David debated Dr Ted Ammon from Millsaps College, Mississippi.  This debate was hosted by a Christian fellowship and entitled “Good Without God?”  It is available for viewing on YouTube here:

Previous to his USA trip, David participated in a debate with Gary McLelland from the Humanist Society.  David and Gary have interacted in debates several times before with a good deal of mutual respect.  This was hosted by the Glasgow Caledonian University Christian Fellowship.  The debate is split into four parts and is on YouTube here: