Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God? — Webinar (November 2020)

Andy really enjoyed teaching this webinar for FOCL on 25 November 2020. Below, you can find links to Andy’s slides and to various articles, videos, and resources related to each topic.

Download a copy of Andy’s slides as a PDF here.

Read chapter 3 of Andy’s book, The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist which has a section on this topic. You can buy a copy from any good bookshop, online or offline, or find out how to get a copy as a gift by clicking here.

(And look out for Andy’s new bookDo Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?, coming next March.

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Check out this free ebookIslam in Context by Andy Bannister and Tanya Walker. You can download it from the Solas website here.


Two great books to read around this theme are:

 a Solas Short Answers video:

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