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The Oscars, The Rising Tide of Paedophilia and The Apocalypse Preppers | Quantum 100

Prior to the 2017 Oscars, all the directors nominated in the foreign language film category issued a joint statement on the Trump travel ban.  David Robertson is a big fan of foreign films, but he’s not such a great fan of the kind of sloppy thinking the directors used in their statement so he can’t help explaining more in episode 100 of Quantum.

  • The Oscars.
  • A Gay Disney Film?
  • Majority Of Scots MSPs Support The TIE Campaign.
  • The Rising Tide of Paedophilia.
  • Apocalypse Preppers.
  • Tracy Ullman – A Christian’s Job Interview.
  • Gerard Kaufman and Hans Rosling.

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The Guardian – Foreign language Oscar nominees decry ‘climate of fanaticism in US’

“Human rights are not something you have to apply for. They simply exist – for everybody. For this reason, we dedicate this award to all the people, artists, journalists and activists who are working to foster unity and understanding, and who uphold freedom of expression and human dignity – values whose protection is now more important than ever. By dedicating the Oscar to them, we wish to express to them our deep respect and solidarity.”

Solas SHORT/ANSWERS – What are human rights based on?


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Peter Tatchell’s 1997 letter to the Guardian – Peter Tatchell and Dares to Speak

BBC News – Do not jail all paedophiles, says police chief

The Telegraph – Streets should not be named after local heroes in case they are later found to be paedophiles, councils told

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