#ScotRef, Belief-v-Evidence & the BBC Comedians | Quantum 102

  • #ScotRef  #IndyRef2.
  • Louise Mensch on belief and evidence.
  • Frankie Boyle and Celebrity Atheists.
  • Tracey Ullman and Baptism.
  • European Court and Religious Clothing.
  • Thomas Aquinas.

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The Spectator – Watch: Louise Mensch’s disastrous Sunday Politics interview

Frankie Boyle on why he’s putting celebrity atheists into #Room101.
BBC iPlayer –  Tracey Ullman’s Show – series 2 – Episode 5  (The baptism clip is about 16 minutes in.)


Following on from last week’s piece on Russel Brand and pornography.
The impact of the Transgender issue on women’s sport.