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The World is going nuts. Happy Easter 2017 | Quantum 106

  • The Copt Massacre – An extraordinary response.
  • Syrian Bombing.
  • African migrants sold in Libya ‘slave markets.’
  • Sex for Rent.
  • Prep HIV Drug.
  • Funding abortion propaganda.
  • Peter Singer – rape of disabled might be ok.
  • End of Gender specific awards.
  • Breastfeeding unnatural.
  • University Essays marked down.
  • Prof. Dr Jordan Peterson defunded.
  • Scottish University Freedoms.
  • The Reformation.

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CopticDadAndMom.com – A message to those who kill us (Fr. Boules George)

IOM – The UN Migration Agency – IOM Learns of ‘Slave Market’ Conditions Endangering Migrants in North Africa

BBC – Landlord adverts posted online ‘target young for sex’

BBC – NHS Scotland to fund ‘game-changer’ Prep HIV drug

Pink News – Victoria Australia announces extra $100k for PrEP funding

Daily Mail – Fury as pro-choice activist is handed £500,000 of taxpayers’ cash to write a book on abortion

Current Affairs – Now Peter Singer Argues That It Might Be Okay To Rape Disabled People

BBC – Is it time to scrap gender specific awards?

The American Conservative – Rod Dreher: Now Breastfeeding Is Unnatural?

The Wee Flea – Is the Benedict Option the Best Option for Today’s Church?

The Telegraph – University students told essays will be marked down if they fail to use ‘gender-sensitive’ language

National Post – ‘An opportunity to make their displeasure known’: Pronoun professor denied government grant

Herald Scotland – University freedoms are at risk, say critics

The Christian Institute – Mike Reeves: Tyndale and the Early Reformers