Elections, Religious Liberty, the Church of Scotland and Fishing | Quantum 107

  • Solas Magazine – The new edition is out now.
  • The UK General Election and the dumbing down of politics.
  • President Trump relaxes tax laws for churches endorsing political candidates.
  • Why Religious Liberty matters.
  • Tim Farron – Is gay sex a sin?
  • Chinese Fishing
  • Church of Scotland General Assembly.

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Solas Magazine |  SolasMagazine.com

The Wee Flea  |  Is Gay Sex a sin?

Short Answers 16  |  Why are Christians such homophobic bigots?

The New York Times  |  China’s Appetite Pushes Fisheries to the Brink

Church of Scotland “Constrained Difference”  |  The C of S Theological Forum Report

Herald Scotland  |  Kirk in landmark apology over ‘long history’ of gay discrimination

David Robertson  |  A Last Minute Plea to our Brothers and Sisters in the Church of Scotland – The Free Church Record – Editorial – May 2017