Fake News Crocodiles, Blasphemy and a Brace of Presidents | Quantum 108

  • Zimbabwean Pastor eaten by Crocodile.
  • Ian Brady’s Humanist funeral request.  
  • Stephen Fry and Blasphemy.  
  • President Macron of France.  
  • Will President Trump be impeached?  
  • Hillary Clinton: Abortion is ‘right and moral’.  
  • Obama’s £2.5 mil speech.  
  • Jakarta’s Christian governor found guilty of blasphemy.  
  • Transgender.  
  • Police Caps.  
  • The Rubbish Party.  

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HeraldScotland – Fake news story takes hold of major national newspapers

Premier Christianity – Ian Brady’s humanist beliefs show why atheists need to own up to their own fake news

Mashable.com  – Viral story about the pastor eaten by crocodiles is so, so fake

Spectator Blogs – Macron is president – but he starts out under a deep cloud of suspicion

The Christian Institute – Hillary Clinton: Abortion is ‘right and moral’

Express.co.uk –  Bit rich? Barack Obama ‘to pocket £2.5million for sold-out speech in Milan today’

Al Jazeera – Ahok: Indonesia’s religious tolerance on trial?

The Telegaph – Police swap helmets for caps to attract more transgender officers



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