The EU, University Safe Spaces & Creflo Dollar in Scotland | Quantum 63

  • The EU Referendum.
  • Port Talbot.
  • Safe-space abuse at Edinburgh University.
  • Creflo Dollar in Scotland / Destiny Church.

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     LINKS – The UK’s EU referendum: All you need to know – Steel crisis: UK may ‘co-invest’ to save Port Talbot plant – Student accused of violating university ‘safe space’ by raising her hand

The – You’re not welcome, Free Church tells American pastor Creflo Dollar

The – Destiny invites everyone to listen to the controversial preacher Creflo Dollar – Why Creflo Dollar is not Welcome in Scotland – Creflo Dollar and Scotland – The Reaction – The Destiny/Dollar Fall Out Continues



  • Bucks Fizz – Making your mind up.
  • Hunter and the Bear – Blood Red Skies.
  • Travis – Safe.
  • Beautiful Eulogy – Signs and Symbols.