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Abortion, Euthanasia and Trident | Quantum 67


  • Royal College of Midwives and Abortion.
  • Sexual Abuse Victim killed under Dutch Euthanasia law.
  • Trident.
  • BBC – too much Christianity?
  • Kindle or Book?

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The Week: Midwives ‘mutiny’ after union signs up to abortion campaign

The Spectator: As a midwife, I’m horrified by my union leader’s support for unlimited abortion

Royal College of Midwives: Position Statement on abortion

BPAS: 5 reasons to decriminalise abortion

Daily Mail: Sex abuse victim in her 20s allowed to choose euthanasia in Holland after doctors decided her post-traumatic stress and other conditions were incurable

LifeNews.com: Woman Dealing With Depression, Anorexia Euthanized When Doctors Decide She Can’t be Cured

New York Daily News: Italian woman pays $14G to commit suicide at euthanasia clinic due to being ‘sad about losing her looks’

The Independent: Lifetime cost of replacing Trident at least £205bn, latest estimate suggests

The Times: BBC says it is too Christian and must diversify

PoliticsHome.com: BBC has disproportionate number of Christian shows, says internal report

The Guardian: Books are back. Only the technodazzled thought they would go away



  • Lenny Kravitz – Again
  • Natasha Bedingfield – Hope
  • Kaiser Chiefs – Cannons
  • Matt Redman – No one like our God
  • Simple Minds – Book of Brilliant Things