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Puberty Blockers, Universities and Secular Swimming Pools | Quantum 92

So many people say, “Oh, you Christians. We need empirical evidence. We need it scientifically based.”  We’re being sold a world view right now, whether it’s on gender identity, transgender or anything else, which has got nothing to do with science and has got everything to do with a social construct. It’s ignoring the biology and it’s ignoring the objective world.

This week, in the last Quantum for 2016, David Robertson looks at some of the world view messages that we’re hearing (or not hearing) being expressed through the media.

  • Gender / Transgender Update.
  • University and Education.  “Social constructionism is the doctrine that all human roles are socially constructed. They’re detached from the underlying biology and from the underlying objective world.” Dr Jordan Petersen.
  • Secular swimming pools.
  • Conflict in Syria – Alleppo.

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Council of Europe – The Istanbul Convention
SPIN ALERT – Of course, another way of looking at this story is that, since the Indiegogo 60 day crowdfunding campaign was about to expire without meeting its fundraising pledge target, the ‘All-or-Nothing’ campaign would have collapsed without raising a penny unless the NSS had stepped in at the end to fund 20% themselves.
 “The special mark of the modern world is not that it is skeptical, but that it is dogmatic without knowing it. It says, in mockery of old devotees, that they believed without knowing why they believed. But the moderns believe without knowing what they believe – and without even knowing that they do believe it. Their freedom consists in first freely assuming a creed, and then freely forgetting that they are assuming it. In short, they have always an unconscious dogma; and an unconscious dogma is the definition of a prejudice.”
G.K. Chesterton, from an article in the Illustrated London News, March 15, 1919.
Greg Lake