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Quantum 17

Greece: New Prime Minister | Transparent Transgender Issues | Charlie Hebdo | “Prevent Duty” attack on Free Speech | No sex please, we’re Japanese | Online live lounge gig: The Simon Kennedy Band | Ukraine & Putin | Boko Haram | 70th Anniversary of the Holocaust.


Austerity = “Fiscal Waterboarding”

Amazon “Transparent” series makes history at Golden Globes

Je ne suis pas Charlie, je suis Charlene

Prevent Duty Guidance: Consultation Document

The Government is using “British Values” to destroy British values.

Terror law should focus on Islam

Potential threat to freedom of speech in university CUs

Brendan O’Neill:  Free speech is so last century. Today’s students want “the right to be comfortable”.

No sex please, we’re Japanese

The Simon Kennedy Band: Online Live lounge gig

The Sydney Jewish Museum

QofS Facebook release

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