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Quantum 24

Quantum 24 - Corruption




BBC’s “The Ark” | Lee Kuan Yew | How corrupt is Britain? | UK Deficits and Debts | New Nigerian President | FIFA corruption | Steve Chalke’s survey | #SupportAshers | Street Preacher Leviticus conviction | Solas Magazine update.


BBC iPlayer: The Ark (30th March 2015)

Lee Kuan Yew

George Monbiot: Let’s not fool ourselves. We may not bribe, but corruption is rife in Britain

Budget buzzwords and jargon: Debt, deficit, and deeds

UK debt and deficit: All you need to know

Nigeria profile – Leaders

Steve Chalke: More than a third of UK churchgoers hide their support for same-sex relationships

Street preacher guilty of using ‘threatening’ language by quoting Leviticus

Solas Magazine