Scottish Humanist Easter Eggs, German Fake News and Australian Fairy Tales | Quantum 105

  • Fake News Ban in Germany.
  • Fairy Tales in Australia.
  • NHS Scotland on Gender.
  • Mike Pence’s Marriage.
  • Cadbury Easter Eggs and the Humanist Society Scotland.

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Washington Post  |  How do you stop fake news? In Germany, with a law.

Daily Mail  |  Now the PC bores ban FAIRYTALES: Plan to stop kids reading Snow White and Cinderella because they give boys a ‘sense of entitlement and girls poor self esteem’ 

Christian Institute  |  NHS Scotland: ‘Ditch boys and girls, kids can be gender fluid’  |  Guidance for Schools – Supporting transgender and gender variant children and young people.  |  Ladies, Would You Rather Be Married to Mike Pence, or Anthony Weiner?

The Wee Flea – Eggasperating the Humanists