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Reclaiming Reason – book

Reclaiming Reason by Richard Gamble carries the very appropriate subtitle Believers Think – Thinkers Believe.  It is a concise and useful book that tackles five arguments for the existence of God along with five very common objections.  Richard hails from Glasgow and has links with Solas CPC through the Solas Connect training course.  He also organises the Reason events hosted by Westwoodhill Church in East Kilbride.

Reclaiming Reason is available now from the Solas Book shop here.

Here’s what the reviewers say:

“Richard Gamble has written an accessible and thoughtful introduction to some of the key questions in the crowded field of the God debate.  It has the advantage of being short and clear without being superficial or trite.  As an introduction and aid to those who are seeking to find out more, I would highly recommend this work.  Read it and use it.”
Rev. David Robertson Solas Centre for Public Christianity

“Many Christians are woefully ignorant of the basis of their faith and many sceptics do not bother to examine the evidence.  This book offers five cogent arguments for the existence of God, and answers five of the most common objections raised by unbelievers.  Christians and non-Christians alike will find this a clear, challenging presentation of the rationality of the Christian faith.”
Dr. Michael Green Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University

“Here is a refreshing and accessible treatment of the reasons for Christian faith from a thoughtful young man who explores, from his own experience, the big questions life poses for us.  Drawing on cosmology, biology, history, philosophy and human experience, Richard Gamble makes a lucid and compelling case for a Creator who not only leaves His fingerprints all over the universe, but who also reveals Himself in Jesus Christ and in contemporary experience.  Even if you are not inclined to accept all the author’s arguments, you will certainly be challenged by them and hard pressed to refute them.  This is a book that is entirely worthy of its subtitle: Believers think – Thinkers believe.  I commend it wholeheartedly for personal reading and group discussion!”
– Dr. Alastair Noble Educational Consultant and Director of the Centre for Intelligent Design, UK

“The Christian faith is not a blind faith, but it is built on rational grounds and attested historical events.  Reclaiming Reason takes the sceptic and the believer on a logical journey to discover the reliability of the Christian faith.  I trust that you will be challenged and encouraged as a result of reading this book.”
Dr. Nagy Iskander Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England