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Redefining Marriage? – A Test for the Church

Dr Gordon Macdonald, a Solas Trustee, has recently written The Solas Paper 3.  Entitled “Redefining Marriage? A Test for the Church”, Dr Macdonald explores the implications of the ongoing marriage debate and its implications for the church at large.

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The attempt to redefine marriage, through the introduction of so-called “same-sex marriage”, is an assault upon the Christian worldview. It has widespread implications for the understanding of marriage throughout society and poses a particular challenge for Christian churches which are likely to come under internal and external pressure to change their teaching on marriage in order to accommodate the prevailing secular-liberal worldview. Already there are those within the churches who are prepared either to solemnise same-sex “marriages” or to enter into such unions themselves. Such actions will inevitably lead to a crisis in some churches as disputes arise over whether and how to discipline those clergy whose actions run contrary to the official view of marriage within the relevant denomination. Faced with this challenge, the church needs to reaffirm the Christian understanding of marriage. Christians need to be reminded of biblical teaching about marriage, explore its significance with regard to the nature of God and His purpose in creation and examine the link made in Scripture between idolatry and same-sex sexual relationships. It is helpful also to be aware of the political ideology which lies behind attempts to redefine marriage and consider the spiritual basis of revisionist theology. This will equip faithful Christians to resist the temptation to compromise on the clear biblical teaching in this area.