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Sex and Society – Solas Lecture

“Sex and Society” is a lecture given by David Robertson on the Christian view of human sexuality. David traces the key influencers that were instrumental in changing public attitudes towards sex over the course of the last century.

There was a Question and Answer session recorded after the lecture, which is available here:

The questions that David responds to are:
0:56 – Would you comment on God’s holiness in relation to holy matrimony and the issue of same sex marriage?
10:50 – Unequally yoked; would you marry a Christian to a non-Christian?
16:00 – What are your views on divorce?
21:34 – How can believers protect their children’s young minds from society’s influences?
30:00 – Should a wife ‘submit’ to her husband in her wedding vows?
35:20 – In the event that Christian teaching is at odds with the law, what advice would you give to Christians?

This lecture was recorded at Carrubbers Christian Centre in Edinburgh on Monday 29th April and the event was staged by the Edinburgh Solas Group in conjunction with the Edinburgh Bible College.