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Trump, the EU Referendum & The Scottish Election | Quantum 65

Trump for President EU Referendum Scottish Election Download this episode (right click and save)      LINKS BBC – US election: What will Clinton v Trump look like? Free Church: Moderator writes to First Minister following election TheWeeFlea.com: The Scottish Elections – Results, Analysis and Moderator’s Letter to the First Minister European referendum – The TIPPing Point Molly Scott Catto …

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The EU, University Safe Spaces & Creflo Dollar in Scotland | Quantum 63

The EU Referendum. Port Talbot. Safe-space abuse at Edinburgh University. Creflo Dollar in Scotland / Destiny Church. Download this episode (right click and save)      LINKS BBC.co.uk – The UK’s EU referendum: All you need to know BBC.co.uk – Steel crisis: UK may ‘co-invest’ to save Port Talbot plant Telegraph.co.uk – Student accused of violating university ‘safe …

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