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Solas Webinars are a great way to enjoy our events in your home. Our webinars are designed to encourage and equip Christians to share their faith with confidence and credibility. As we engage with some of the issues of the day from a Christian perspective, we also find that people of all-faiths and none join us to find out more. Everyone is really welcome!

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Our webinars will feature a Q&A. Please visit our social media channels to find out how you can submit a question for the next webinar

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Evidence for Design: The Clues to a Creator in the Natural World with Professor David J. Galloway ( and hosted by Andy Bannister
Broadcasts Thursday 24th June @ 7pm

This webinar is centered around David Galloway’s latest book – Design Dissected (  which explores aspects of genuine design in the natural world. This evidence presents real challenges to a naturalistic world-view and this webinar seeks to highlight some of these challenges and why belief in a designing God is a reasonable conclusion.

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