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Why We (Still) Believe


Standing Firm on Biblical Christianity

Edited by David J Randall



The West has become permeated with a culture that doesn’t ‘do’ God. Many people assert that we have progressed, while Christians are still clinging to out-dated ideas. InĀ Why We (Still) Believe, fourteen contributors focus on several specific contemporary attacks on Christianity, showing why they ‘continue in the faith’ (Col.1:23).

Contributors: Andy Bannister, Iver Martin, John Ellis, Vince Vitale, Maher Samuel, John Blanchard, Joe Barnard, David J. Randall, Stefan Gustavsson, Richard Lucas, David Robertson, Nola Leach, Gordon MacDonald, (the late) Gordon Wilson.



Instructive, illuminating, challenging, and encouraging, these pages will motivate every reader to a clearer and more confident Christian worldview and lifestyle.
Sinclair B. Ferguson, Author and Theologian

In a confused culture and an uncertain church, we urgently need this brave and confident clarion call. Confronting the increasingly strident challenges to faith, this is a stimulating, robust and timely response.
Jonathan Lamb, Keswick Ministries, CEO and minister-at-large

… theoretical and practical, pastoral and apologetical. I filled my copy with underlines and marginal notes, grateful for the “conversation” and the prompts for further reading and writing.
Mark Coppenger, Professor of Christian Apologetics, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky

… give Christians courage, strengthen biblical convictions, and potentially open many doors to speak of Jesus with credibility, integrity and the kind of intelligent discussion where some evangelism just talks right past the target audience.
Peter Dickson, Regional Team Leader in Scotland, UCCF: The Christian Unions

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