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Solas Connect: Persuasive evangelism through the local church






“Therefore, knowing the fear of the Lord, we persuade others.”

2 Corinthians 5:11 

The day was not about techniques or methods but about encouraging us to get on with sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Scotland today. The first session considered the many challenges and difficulties there are in today’s culture, combined with the many opportunities we have and openness we find amongst many people. It was pointed out that the Church is very often unprepared when it comes to evangelism and that there is a difference between knowing the Gospel and being able to communicate it effectively. The emphasis on persuasive evangelism by challenging the way people think and preaching the Gospel in language that people can understand was very helpful. In the afternoon session on ‘Engaging with questions’, we considered the two biggest barriers to belief: other religions and evil and suffering and then spent time on how to tackle these with confidence while constantly pointing people to Christ. We were reminded throughout the day to personally live our lives with intentionality as we seek to tell people about Jesus. Also, the helpful session on Church based strategy made the day so useful not just as a Christian but as a church leader as well.
I’m grateful to Solas for organising and to David Robertson for teaching on the day and look forward to the next one on ‘The Communicating Church’ on 24 September.
Rev. Jonathan DeGroot (Sandyford Henderson Memorial Church of Scotland, Glasgow)



The method that God has chosen for building his kingdom is the Church, so how might your local church reach out with the gospel to more people?


Have you considered how interacting with the various questions, doubts and objections that people have about the Gospel might make your evangelism more persuasive?


Solas CPC is committed to training Christians in persuasive evangelism (evangelism + apologetics) in partnership with local churches.  Connect Training Days are designed to equip and encourage Christians to reach out with the Gospel.  These one-day workshops (9:30am – 3:30pm) are held at the Solas Centre in Dundee.


Connect - The Connecting Church



This workshop explores ways for local churches to organise and run specific evangelism events to reach out to the people in your local area. Course participants receive a free copy of “Quench: Cafe Culture Evangelism.”


Connect - The Communicating Church



This workshop explores how local churches can communicate with traditional media, local press, letter writing as well as use social media, blogs and other tools for evangelism.  It includes input from Peter Kearney, Director of the Scottish Catholic Media Office.


Download the slides (in PDF format) from Andy’s talk “The Ever Alluring Screen: Living Well and Thinking Deeply in the Internet Age” – Download PDF file here (7.2 MB)

Course Leaders:


Dr Andy Bannister, Director, Solas CPC


David Robertson, Associate Director, Solas CPC