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Solas is an evangelism, apologetics, and training ministry that began in Scotland and is now rapidly growing across the wider UK. We love to take the good news of Jesus out of the four walls of the Church and go where sceptics are — places like universities, schools, pubs, business settings, the media and so on. Our goal is to persuasively communicate the Gospel in a way that takes people’s honest questions seriously and points to the hope that is uniquely found in Jesus. We also teach and equip Christians to share their faith in Christ naturally with friends, colleagues, and classmates.

We are currently looking to recruit the following.


We are always on the lookout for people with an evangelist-apologist calling who might be a good fit to join our UK speaking and writing team.

We are keen to find people with experience of giving evangelistic talks to non-Christian audiences in non-church settings (cafes, pubs, university missions etc.); people who are natural communicators and gifted at sharing Jesus in a winsome way whilst answering people’s questions or challenges about Christianity; and experience of teaching and training Christians to share their own faith more naturally too. 

If this sounds like you, then take a look around the Solas website — especially glance at:

We are looking for people who are able to do all these things. If that gets you excited and you think “Yes! This is the kind of thing God has called me to do too!” then please get in touch. Drop an email to and introduce yourself.