“Have You Ever Wondered?” Book

Beauty. Justice. Identity. Love. Stories. Nature. Hope. These things intrigue us, move us and prompt us to ask big questions. Could there be clues in our deepest desires that point to life’s meaning?

Have You Ever Wondered? is an exciting new evangelistic book from Solas. Available in the UK direct from 10 Publishing.

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For our friends in the USA, Have You Ever Wondered? will be released in North America on 3 June 2024. Find it on the 10ofThose US site.

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Have You Ever Wondered? invites you on an immersive tour through the issues that matter. This book is for anyone who has looked at a landscape and contemplated why we are drawn to beauty, or wondered why we are so insatiably curious about our universe, or even for those who have simply looked up at a million stars in the vast night’s sky and just wondered.

Contributors with backgrounds in science, law, linguistics, theology, bioethics, history, and more, reflect on how their questions have, in some cases unexpectedly, led them to a compelling Christian spirituality and a profound sense of meaning and purpose in life.

Featuring chapters by Andy Bannister, Gavin Matthews, Gareth Black, Andy Moore, Mary Jo Sharp, Andy Steiger, Michael Ots, Clare Williams, Anne Witton, and David Nixon, Have You Ever Wondered? is the perfect gift for friends, family, colleagues, or as a giveaway at events for churches. It’s designed to be a highly accessible, fun, and easy to read book that will help begin conversations about Jesus.