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Andy Bannister at American University DC – “Why it Matters What You Believe!”

The reason that that Christianity is important is because it is the only worldview that provides an adequate foundation for both those things. It provides a foundation for human dignity, it says that all human beings are made in the image of God – and therefore possess a inherent worth. However, it also provides a basis for humility – because Christianity is ‘the great humbler’, as it tells me that I am sinful enough that Jesus actually had to die to rescue me.

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Andy at The National Geographic in Washington DC

A woman seemed to be struck by the fact that the things we usually look to in order to find happiness don’t work; and had figured out the religious implications of that. Her question was ‘is it possible to find ultimate happiness in a secular way – without reference to any form of spirituality?’ I basically, but rather gently said, ‘no’, and explained why I thought that the three lower levels of the human search for happiness, such as food and sex (animal happiness), success, or even in serving others, all run out, because they are not designed to be ultimate.

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Confident Christianity conferences and the local church. Two pastors talk about their experience

Working with Solas was great, working with Solas was very easy. One because Solas are absolutely committed to working in partnership with churches. Actually, it never felt as if it was a “Solas” conference! It was a conference that was primarily led by the local churches but getting all the benefit from the Solas ministry, infrastructure and so on. It felt like a genuine partnership. It was good.

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