Do you want to see your church grow in confidence in sharing the gospel?  Would your church benefit from specialised training in “how to share your faith”?

We want to help!

Over the past eight years we’ve held annual conferences where topics include, “Confident Christianity” and “Unashamed – Persuasive Evangelism through the Local Church.” They have featured world-renowned theologians, Christian leaders and apologists, bringing sound teaching and decades of experience to these events.

We recognise that by partnering with local churches, together we can better serve your church and community in its task of fulfilling the Great Commission. Our Director Andy Bannister says: “If we can help churches by training their members to share the Gospel, we multiply our reach to communities where our (Solas) speakers would never reach.”

Here’s a sample weekend programme:

  • Solas provide speakers for a full Saturday Confident Christianity Conference.
  • Sunday morning these speakers can preach at the morning service.
  • Friday night options include an outreach event or hosting a dinner for the church leaders in your area.

We can also provide technical and marketing support to promote these events but ask that your church be the host of the conference and manage things like stewarding and hospitality/drinks service.

We would be delighted to discuss your particular ideas.  Please get in touch with our Events Manager, Tim Allyn, at or phone on 01382 525021.  We are now scheduling weekend slots for 2021 and 2022.

Previous Conferences:


“Confident Christianity” series
Glasgow (Newton Mearns): Andy Bannister, Iain Morris, Ben Thomas. See programme here.
Dundee (postponed): Andy Bannister, Andy Kind, David Galloway


“Confident Christianity” series
Perth, Scotland: Andy Bannister, Kristi Mair, Michael Ots
Salisbury, England: Andy Bannister, Ed Shaw, Andy Moore, Andy Kind. See programme here.
Aberdeen: Andy Bannister, Max Baker-Hytch, David Galloway, Mark Stirling. See programme here.
Cowplain, Hampshire: Andy Bannister, David Hutchings, Ben Thomas


“Confident Christianity: Sharing the gospel in an age of tough questions” at Central Baptist Church, Dundee. Speakers were Andy Bannister, Sharon Dirckx, Mark Stirling and Ben Thomas. See programme here.

“Reasons for Hope” at Culduthel Christian Centre, Inverness


We held two conferences in partnership with Smithton Free Church in Inverness and Charlotte Chapel in Edinburgh. Speakers included David Robertson, Michael Ramsden, Ed Shaw and Andy Bannister.


“Unashamed: Persuasive Evangelism Through the Local Church” was held at Carrubbers Christian Centre in Edinburgh. The speakers were Mez McConnell, Stuart Windsor and David Robertson. See programme here.


The theme was “Throw-Away Society”. Speakers Nola Leach, Sinclair Ferguson and David Robertson spoke on the notions of liberty, equality and fraternity.


The theme was Education, Education, Education.  Speakers were Sinclair Ferguson, Mike Reeves, Luc Bussière and David Robertson. See programme here.


Theme: “Confident Christianity”.  Speakers: John Lennox, Chris Sinkinson, David Robertson and Peter Saunders. See programme here.


Theme: “Being Human”.  Speakers: Os Guiness, Mark Roques and Alex MacDonald