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Our society needs to come to grips with and understand the love of God | The Scotsman

|  By David Robertson  | The Prime Minister was mocked for saying that ‘Brexit means Brexit’. Such truisms are surely too simplistic for the sophisticated British electorate? The First Minister announced at the Glasgow Pride event at the weekend, “Love is Love” – and was applauded. But what does that mean? Just as ‘Brexit means …

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Nicola Sturgeon makes gender recognition pledge

This issue has received widespread reporting in the media.  Here is a selection. BBC News: Nicola Sturgeon makes gender recognition pledge The Scotsman: Nicola Sturgeon unveils new gay rights package The Herald: Scotland to give legal recognition to people who are neither male nor female Daily Record: Nicola Sturgeon vows to reform law in Scotland to give legal …

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David Bowie’s death, grief, and the frustration of a society that has nothing to offer the lonely

It was a shock. Of course it was. Make your coffee, switch on the radio and you hearLife on Mars on Radio 4. What had happened? Had Bowie died? Indeed he had. An unconventional celebrity life, with an unconventional celebrity death. In this age of social media, gossip columns and photographers desperate for that one image, …

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Scotsman article – Jesus is Alive with joy, love, compassion

This article appeared in The Scotsman newspaper 31 July 2014.  http://www.scotsman.com/news/jesus-is-alive-with-joy-love-and-compassion-1-3494240 Faith, not celebrity endorsements, matter, says David Robertson The Church in the United Kingdom could certainly do with all the help it can get. So it was very sweet of Sir Elton John to give us his considered theological opinion a few weeks ago. …

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