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Solas has had a long and warm relationship with Blairgowrie Evangelical Church, an independent fellowship which meets in the Perthshire town of Blairgowrie. Over the years we have spoken at various events and services for them, including some memorable outreach events in a hotel in the centre of the town.

I was delighted to be invited to go to up to Blairgowrie to give the church there an update on the ministry of Solas, and to preach for them as well. Our old friend Iain Craig (who works for Mission International in the adjacent office to us in Dundee!) led the worship, and I brought a message from the Bible to the church. Blairgowrie Evangelical are doing a series of consecutive sermons through the book of Acts. So I thought it would be a useful idea to bring a message which was complementary to that, without stepping on Derek (the pastor’s) toes in his consecutive studies. So we looked at the way the early church used their homes for ministry, both for outreach and fellowship. Drawing on various texts from the New Testament, and writers like Tim Chester – we thought about the way in which we are called to use our homes for God and his gospel (if we have one).

The audio (only) of the talk can be found here:

Solas places a huge weight on the importance of the local church, which is why we don’t run events in our own right – but only go and serve the church where we are invited. The local church is God’s biblically mandated instrument to take the gospel to the world – and so our job is to serve the church. That’s why going to towns like Blairgowrie is an absolute joy for us, to work with partners in the gospel, doing good, faithful gospel work in their communities. Please get in touch if it would be helpful for us to come to your church or community.