Confident Christianity – Donwfield Mains in Dundee

Recently Andy Bannister from Solas was at Downfield Mains Church in Dundee for a Confident Christianity evening conference – ‘Sharing the Gospel in an Age of Uncertainty’. Andy shared some thoughts from his most recent book How to Talk About Jesus without Looking Like an Idiot, followed by a talk on the uniqueness of Jesus among all the other options out there. We are always encouraged to see how well attended these events are, and how engaged the audiences are too.

Following the talks there was at time of Q&A which was really lively, with some good, challenging questions coming from the floor. Andy and Steve, our new addition to the Solas speaking team, were able to engage with the questions and have some good dialogue with the audience which led to some very fruitful conversations after the event as well.

You can never really know where people are on the journey of faith as you come to these events, but what remains true is our need for the grace of God in Jesus Christ, no matter where we are. The pastor of the church, Nathan, led a time of prayer at the end of the event, giving people an opportunity to respond to what they had heard, and turn to Jesus Christ in faith.

Nathan McConnell, the minister at Downfield Mains was enthusiastic about the event and said: