Falkirk Free Church

Andy really enjoyed speaking at Falkirk Free Church on Friday 10 February 2023. Below, you can find links to Andy’s slides and some other resources related to the talk that he gave.

A Duty of Care: Christians, the Environment, and the Gospel Environment

Download a copy of the slides that Andy showed

Read J. Matthew Sleeth’s book Serve God, Save the Planet: A Christian Call to Action

Watch Andy’s Solas webinar “Is Christianity Bad for the Environment?” for a refresher on today’s material

Read Have You Ever Wondered Why the Environment Matters? — a great evangelistic resource to share with friends to start conversations about your faith

Watch a Short Answer video on this topic

Listen to an episode of Pod of the Gaps, a podcast that Andy co-presents, on this topic

Enjoyed Andy’s talk? Why not check out his newest book — have a read (or a listen) to a free sample chapter of Andy’s brand new book, Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?