Five Reasons Why God Exists

“Sceptics often (quite rightly) ask Christians: “”What’s the evidence for your beliefs?”” In this five-minute Short Answers film, Andy Bannister shares five pieces of evidence that God exists — that’s one per minute! If you (or a friend) are a sceptic and want an introduction to the mass of evidence for God’s existence, this is the perfect video to begin with.

Each argument that Andy covered briefly and at speed is unpacked at length elsewhere on the Solas website in our “A Beginner’s Guide to Apologetics” series. So you can investigate further by following the links below:

1) The fact that there is there something rather than nothing

2) The fact that the laws of physics are so intricately fine-tuned

3) The real, objective nature of good, justice, and morality

4) The fact we are drawn to pursue (and need!) meaning and purpose

5) The historical reality of the resurrection of Jesus


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