Giving Tuesday 2020 – Thanks for your generosity!

UPDATE: Thanks to all of you who made our first Giving Tuesday a success. It was so encouraging to see you show your appreciation for Solas. Thank you for bringing some cheer to the end of this difficult year!

Giving Tuesday is a day to support charities, ministries, community groups, and other good causes. It started in the US in 2012 as a day to give back, falling on the Tuesday after the Thankgiving holiday.

“Black Friday” is the day after Thanksgiving (the 4th Thursday of November) when the Christmas shopping season begins in earnest and many retailers latch on to this unofficial campaign. This has expanded to “Cyber Monday” deals after the weekend. With all this focus on commercial forces, it is time to draw attention to the charity sector.

So Giving Tuesday harnessed the power of social media and collaboration to inspire millions of people right across the world to come together on one day to celebrate the charities and communities that mean so much to us all.

The theme for 2020 is GiveBack2020, encouraging people to give back to those that have supported them, their families and communities throughout the pandemic, and help them survive, whether through donations of time, money or other assistance.

So many charities, including Solas, have continued to minister, give, support, and encourage as much as possible in the difficult circumstances which the Coronavirus pandemic has brought about. All the while many donations and revenue streams have dried up.

How You Can Help

If you can, we’d love to receive a small financial gift from you in the spirit of Giving Back. Just a small one-off from you on this special day will combine with others to produce a huge benefit to Solas.

We know there are thousands of people who have been trained, inspired, taught, or even convinced of the gospel through the many resources and events Solas produces. If you’re among them, it would be such an encouragement to receive a token of your appreciation. Whatever value you might have taken from our ministry, please consider returning a small portion.

Don’t forget, we will also “GiveBack” to you if you start monthly donations! For just £3 per month you can choose a book as a gift.

If monetary giving isn’t possible for you right now, why not take a moment to give us a hand by:

  • Sharing our Short Answers videos with your church leaders, as a resource for youth clubs, home group discussions, or Sunday meetings.
  • Praying for those who are seeking answers – that they might find Christ through what we do and say.
  • Leaving a rating or review for the PEP Talk Podcast on iTunes
  • Liking or re-tweeting our social media posts – and telling your friends why you like Solas!