GLO Bible School January 2024

It was great to be with you all at the GLO Mini Bible School (and Tilsley College) lask week in Glasgow. I hope you found all the talks helpful and practical. Below you’ll find downloadable slides from all the talks, plus links to other recommended resources.

Presentation Slides

Recommended Resources

1) Our new Launch Pad series for 2024: every week, we’re sharing a short tip or idea to help you share Jesus with your friends.

2) Have You Ever Wondered? is a brilliant resource to help start conversations with your friends about faith, even if they appear to be apathetic or disinterested. (We’ve also got a book based on this coming at Easter)

3) Short Answers is our popular video series, with over 180 short videos tackling almost every question somebody might imagine about Christian faith. They’re great for sharing with friends who have questions, or watching to help you gain confidence yourself.