Hillview Community Church

Thanks for coming to the Confident Christianity Conference at Hillview Community Church! As promised, you can find our slides from the morning — as well as resources related to some of the questions in the Q&A — here:

Presentation Slides

Q&A Topics

  1. Book: Being the Bad Guys: How to Live for Jesus in a World That Says You Shouldn’t by Steve McAlpine.
  2. On “success” in Evangelism read this.
  3. On the uniqueness of Jesus. Watch a Short Answers video here, and read about the topic here.
  4. On sharing the gospel at work, see our Frontlines series (Solas interviews with Christians who share Jesus at work) and TransformWork, the organisation behind Christian workplace groups.
  5. On use of the media in evangelism, see Solas’s columns in The Scotsman newspaper, and this guide for writing to newspapers by Douglas Groothuis.
  6. On “positive apologetics” see Solas’s forthcoming book: Have You Ever Wondered?
  7. On Evangelism to the Apathetic watch the Solas Webinar with Michael Ots and follow Launch Pad, weekly ideas for sharing your faith.
  8. On divisions within the church click here for a Short Answers video.