How to Share Your Faith with Those Who Are Disinterested!

A team from Solas had the privilege of working with Cowplain Evangelical Church in Hampshire recently. Pastor Phill Brown and his amazing team at the church hosted us wonderfully, and it was great to be back amongst friends. Andy Bannister from Solas spoke several times over the weekend, and this talk is taken from the Confident Christianity conference we ran on the Saturday of our visit.

Andy’s subject here is how Christians can engage the apathetic in helpful spiritual conversations. Much of the Christian ‘apologetics’ developed in the era of the New Atheism seemed to assume that all non-Christian people were deeply opposed to our faith, and would be interested in vigorously debating it. That’s even less true now than it was then and there are many people who seem simply disinterested in questions of faith and meaning. In this talk, Andy shares some ways of opening dialogues with people like this’ who are often more interested in these questions than they at first seem.