Surrey Gospel Partnership

Thanks for coming to the Confident Christianity Conference at St Johns in Woking recently! It was great to see so many of you there and for Solas to partner with Surrey Gospel Partnership to put the event on.

As promised, you can find my slides from the evening — as well as resources related to some of the questions in the Q&A — here:

Presentation Slides

Q&A Topics

  1. How can we not lose sight of the person we’re talking to (so that people don’t become projects)?
  2. How can I witness to someone who has attended all the courses etc but not really got anywhere, and who I don’t have the same depth of relationship with as before?
  3. How do I talk about Jesus with someone who says they’re a Christian but whose lifestyle doesn’t suggest so?
  4. Borrowing Augustine’s levels of happiness framework, do you agree that Christians sometimes think they’re at level 4 when in fact they’re at level 3?
  5. Any advice on talking with family members about faith?
  6. Do you think spiritual hunger is growing or lessening culturally?

Other Recommended Resources

1) Our new Launch Pad series for 2024: every week, we’re sharing a short tip or idea to help you share Jesus with your friends.

2) Have You Ever Wondered? is a brilliant resource to help start conversations with your friends about faith, even if they appear to be apathetic or disinterested. (We’ve also got a book based on this coming at Easter)

3) Short Answers is our popular video series, with over 180 short videos tackling almost every question somebody might imagine about Christian faith. They’re great for sharing with friends who have questions, or watching to help you gain confidence yourself.