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“The Big Conversation”: Andy Bannister talks to Peter Singer

In the latest of "The Big Conversation" debates, Solas Director, Andy Bannister spoke to the acclaimed atheist philosopher Peter Singer; while host Justin Brierley chaired the discussion. Under the heading, "Evolution, Morality and Being Human: Do We Need God?", the two thinkers locked horns in a polite, respectful and very revealing debate; in which they were able to air their respective Christian and Utilitarian world-views and have them examined

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The argument in favour of abortion is changing. Are you ready to respond to it? | Quantum 75

Ann Furedi, Chief Executive of BPAS (Britain’s largest independent provider of abortions) has written a new book – The Moral Case for Abortion.  As Christians we need to understand what the argument is and respond to it. In this week’s Quantum of Solas podcast, David Robertson discusses Mrs Furedi’s recent comments on a Spiked Podcast …

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John Whittingdale MP, Ch4’s Sex Box plus Abortion and the Greens | Quantum 64

John Whittingdale (Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport). Sex Box. Abortion and the Scottish Greens. Merle Haggard. Download this episode (right click and save)     LINKS BBC:  Laura Kuenssberg – John Whittingdale and the press BBC: Whittingdale’s free press support ‘tested’ by reports The Spectator:  Theo Hobson – Channel 4’s Sex Box is far …

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Quantum 53

TOPICS Transgender UK | Transgender New York | Private Tax system | Private Jets | Abortion. LINKS NYC Commission on Human Rights Announces Strong Protections for City’s Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Communities in Housing, Employment and Public Spaces For the Wealthiest, a Private Tax System That Saves Them Billions Revealed: The VERY gilded life of …

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