"The Big Conversation": Andy Bannister talks to Peter Singer

 “Evolution, morality and being human: Do we need God to be good?”

In the latest of episode of “The Big Conversation”, Solas’ Director, Andy Bannister spoke to the acclaimed atheist philosopher Peter Singer while host Justin Brierley chaired the discussion. Under the title, “Evolution, Morality and Being Human: Do We Need God?“, the two thinkers engaged in a polite, respectful and very revealing debate in which they were able to air their respective Christian and Utilitarian world-views and have them examined. What made the programme so constructive was that both Peter and Andy listened to one another, and rather than throwing slogans at one another, engaged with one another’s ideas. As such the full implications of Andy Bannister’s Christian worldview and the Peter Singer’s Atheist-Utilitarianism are held up for scrutiny.


The full debate is available in the clip above (1 hour 20 minutes.) Premier, who organised, filmed and broadcast the show, have also selected a few key clips from the programme which are below.

  1. Why Peter Singer disagrees with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

2. Should we euthanise severely disabled children?

3. Peter Singer argues that babies with Downs Syndrome should be aborted.

Many thanks to Justin Brierley and Premier for the film, clips, and photos.
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From left to right: Andy Bannister, Justin Brierley, & Peter Singer