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“The Big Conversation”: Andy Bannister talks to Peter Singer

In the latest of "The Big Conversation" debates, Solas Director, Andy Bannister spoke to the acclaimed atheist philosopher Peter Singer; while host Justin Brierley chaired the discussion. Under the heading, "Evolution, Morality and Being Human: Do We Need God?", the two thinkers locked horns in a polite, respectful and very revealing debate; in which they were able to air their respective Christian and Utilitarian world-views and have them examined

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Why am I not an atheist? | David Robertson

David Robertson was a guest on the “Bigger Questions” podcast hosted by the City Bible Forum (Australia). In Why I am not a Christian influential philosopher Bertrand Russell asked the big questions of the existence of God and immortality. Russell’s conclusion: atheism – there was no god. David Robertson (Scottish author, debater, and pastor) was …

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