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“The Big Conversation”: Andy Bannister talks to Peter Singer

In the latest of "The Big Conversation" debates, Solas Director, Andy Bannister spoke to the acclaimed atheist philosopher Peter Singer; while host Justin Brierley chaired the discussion. Under the heading, "Evolution, Morality and Being Human: Do We Need God?", the two thinkers locked horns in a polite, respectful and very revealing debate; in which they were able to air their respective Christian and Utilitarian world-views and have them examined

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Unbelievable? The Foundations of Human Rights

Justin Brierley hosts a public dialogue between Christian Andy Bannister and atheist humanist Justin Trottier, live on stage at the Apologetics Canada conference in Abbotsford, British Columbia. In front of an audience of 1,400 they debate whether Christianity or naturalism provides a better foundation for the concept of universal human rights, followed by questions from …

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Unbelievable? Is Christianity holding Northern Ireland back? David Robertson vs Michael Nugent

Is Christianity holding Northern Ireland back? David Robertson vs Michael Nugent Saturday 28th November 2015 This week’s episode is a podcast-only special featuring the audio of a recent debate between David Robertson of the Solas Centre for Public Christianity and Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland. Around 400 people filled Belfast’s Stormont Hotel ballroom to hear …

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Unbelievable? Why Isn't Tony a Christian? David Robertson & Tony Smollett

Why Isn’t Tony a Christian? David Robertson & Tony Smollett Saturday 9th May 2015 Justin chairs an open ended conversation between two Scots. Church leader David Robertson and atheist Tony Smollett. They cover the reasons why Tony fell away from his churchgoing childhood and would find it difficult to become a Christian today, while David …

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Unbelievable? – Why I am not a Christian – Matt Dillahunty vs David Robertson

Why I am not a Christian David Robertson vs Matt Dillahunty Saturday 22nd February 2014 Its round 2 of atheist Matt Dillahunty & David Robertson. This time Dillahunty explains why following the person of Christ doesn’t make sense to him. Robertson responds as they engage on whether Jesus was good, by what standard we judge, and whether …

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Unbelievable | Matt Dillahunty v David Robertson | The Morality Thread

The content of this video has been edited in order to isolate the particular thread within Matt and David’s discussion that specifically related to the topic of moral absolutes and moral relativism. We’d encourage you to listen to the full programme for yourself, in order to appreciate the full context of a fast moving and …

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