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Andy Bannister Short Answers 13

11 BBC Interviews in 90 Minutes… Hope and the End of the World!

the BBC were looking for someone to speak on all the Sunday Morning BBC local radio shows across the UK. They particularly wanted to talk about Christianity and the environment, but the starting point was “The End of the World” and the family in Holland who had been living in a cellar for seven years, afraid that the end of the world was coming.

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Islamist Extremism & Atheist Fundamentalism | Quantum 109

Islamic Extremism and Atheist Fundamentalism.  Do they have anything in common? Download this episode (right click and save)     LINKS Spiked!  |  It’s official. You’re not allowed to say ‘Islamist extremism’ Gov.uk  |  PM statement following London terror attack: 4 June 2017 Spectator Coffee House Blogs  |  Labour’s abortion stance is the final straw The …

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Islam, Dawkins and Education | Quantum 59

Islam in the UK & the Solas Magazine. Richard Dawkins. Secular intolerance. Religion in schools. Download this episode (right click and save)       LINKS the Solas Magazine Richard Dawkins Foundation: No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning Facebook.com:  RichardDawkinsFoundation/posts/10153838011170155 Independent.co.uk: School calls police because pupil visited UKIP website on class computer Evening Standard: British …

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