Talking to Muslims – Andy on Premier Radio

Many Solas supporters and people who visit this website know that our Director, Andy Bannister did his doctoral research on the Qur’an. What is less well known is that his first book was a weighty academic tome based on his thesis. What led to his academic interest in Islam was conversations he had with many ordinary Muslims in the UK and a desire to really grapple with and understand their beliefs, which differs in several respects to his own Christian faith. This in turn led to his more popular-level book, “Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?” a comparison of the Quranic and BIblical conceptions of deity.

Andy was recently invited onto Premier Radio in London, to discuss with host Maria Rodriguez how Christians should talk to their Muslim friends, colleagues and neighbours about their faith; how we can have honest, respectful dialogue, how Muslims and Christians can misunderstand one another – and how Christians can most helpfully share their faith across the divide.

The show can be listened to by clicking here.