The Christian Education Project & Solas

In something of a new departure for Solas, we have been asked to collaborate with “The Christian Education Project” who are providing resources for schools about Christianity specifically designed for use in the English GCSE curriculum.

The project is run by Helen Mullis-Kunda who used to be a full-time RE teacher in London. She says that while the RE curriculum is very rich in topics (including Sin and Salvation, Atonement, Grace, The Incarnation, The Trinity, The Role of Christ in Salvation and Philosophical Arguments for and against God) there was a need to provide new resources to explain them clearly and show their relevance to teenagers.

Based in the London Borough of Redbridge, the Christian Education Project has been especially helpful to teachers and schools from other faiths who have welcomed assistance from Christians in this area. Christianity is a compulsory element in the RE curriculum. Islamic state schools in London have been especially interested in accessing these materials and training conferences as they have appreciated assistance in this aspect of the curriculum from Christians.

The Christian Education Project is currently preparing a library of video clips on YouTube for teachers to use. There will be 60 videos in total, and will explore various aspects of Christian ideas, ethics and lifestyle. Andy Bannister from Solas has been involved in the video resources on the arguments for and against God, and in some of the differences between Christianity and Islam. Some teachers particularly expressed the desire to understand more about how Jesus is understood in the two faiths. Andy, who is a Christian but holds a doctorate in Islamic Studies, is ideally placed to help with this.

Helen Mullis-Kunda commented that one of the great encouragements she has had has been that these resources have changed the delivery of RE from being “dry”, to really showing the impact that faith has in people’s lives.

Solas has been delighted to be involved in this project. It’s really important for young people who have little knowledge of Christianity to see what it is really about, and encounter some Christians with real faith and life stories. Helen and the Christian Education Project are doing strategic work, and it’s been great to work alongside them.

The videos (including those from Andy Bannister) will be published here: