The Return of Genexis!

Genexis is a series of unique events which allow people to explore questions of God, meaning and purpose in the company of leading world scientists and academics who present simple evidence for a creator.  Genexis events have proved to be popular with people who are not committed Christians, as they provide an evidence-based case for a creator in a thoughtful environment; where they are invited to think, not pressured to ‘convert’.

This year’s live events in Coventry (Sept 20, 21, 22) and London (Sept 27, 28, 29) will feature contributions from Professor Tom Mcleish, Professor Holly Ordway, Professor Paul Davies, Professor John Lennox, Tom Holland FRSL, Dr Sharon Dirckx, Dr Andy Bannister from Solas, Rev. Stephen Foster and Professor NT Wright.

Every evening in this remarkable series of public events will feature a series of short, engaging talks on scientific, philosophical and historical questions and promises to inspire much further thought, exploration and conversation about the nature of our existence, what it means to be human and if the there is a Creator God who is relevant to these great questions.

At Solas we are delighted to be involved in Genexis events again in 2021, having been involved with some of the online Genexis Course during lockdown last year. We are convinced that Genexis’ work in opening up these profound conversations in the public square is really significant. Many people have huge questions around life, purpose and meaning – but nowhere to explore them, and Genexis provides this. Others are simply unaware that there is evidence to consider for the existence of God, or that many atheist assumptions are also up for debate –and Genexis provides that too.

More details about these fascinating events can be found at the Genexis website, and free tickets are available here.