Training Pastors in Edinburgh

The other night I was in Edinburgh doing some training with a group of about 20 or 30 church pastors. Looking around the room, what was exciting was that each church represented there had 150 or more people in them. That’s potentially 3 to 4 thousands people you can influence, because if you train the pastors, they can train their people. We were working in familiar territory for Solas, looking at practical everyday questions that anyone can use in evangelism. We know that these simple tools can equip, empower and encourage Christians to share their faith more effectively, and we had a really good evening with those church leaders.
If you are reading this, and you are a church leader/minister/pastor, one of the things we want to do at Solas is to be a practical, helpful resource to the church. We can come and train you, or a group of church leaders in your area, or your church; we do a lot of those type of events and absolutely love doing them. One of the things that really excites us is the vision of what would happen if every Christian in the UK was equipped and able to share their faith with confidence and clarity. It would be absolutely incredible!
If you are interested in chatting about how we might be able to work with you on some evangelism training, contact us here.