Why Are Some Atheists So Afraid of Changing Their Minds?

Why are *some* atheists so afraid of changing their mind? Whilst there are many atheists who are thoughtful and winsome, willing to engage in substantive discussions about the big questions of life, others will do anything to avoid thinking and resort instead to hurling insults and abuse, or simply parroting soundbites, refusing to consider anything that might challenge their worldview. In this Short Answers video, Andy offers a challenge and some advice for this kind of skeptic—and reminds us that if you’re not willing to put your cherished beliefs to the test, you can never be sure they’re true.

Do check out the additional resources Andy mentions: his article, “How to Avoid Being a Village Atheist”, can be found at http://www.andybannister.net/how-to-avoid-being-a-village-atheist/ whilst Rebecca McLaughlin’s book, “Confronting Christianity”, is here: https://www.rebeccamclaughlin.org/confronting-christianity.


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