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What is Solas?

Solas is a ministry organisation based in Scotland.  We are primarily involved in what you might think of as apologetics, but we prefer the term “persuasive evangelism”.   This involves bringing the gospel into all areas of public life – politics, art, the workplace and even the church.

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Practically, that means Solas is involved in university debates, cafe discussions, newspaper articles, government white papers, social media, arts projects and more.  Solas Director David Robertson is primarily involved in debating and writing.  We have other contributors as well.  We also work with partners such as local churches and other ministries for many activities.

We can’t do it all on our own, though, so Solas is also engaged in training and resourcing ordinary Christians and the local church to practise “church-based persuasive evangelism”.  Our resources include the articles on this website, several books and training manuals, online videos, DVDs and articles published in the secular media.  We offer training through local churches, national conferences and our own events.